Monday, June 6, 2011

05/29/2010 - Celebration

We found a big paddle-bladed outdoor fan to put in the center of the gazebo.  It was the perfect height. Then one day my husband took a picture of a chandelier he saw on the Lowe's sale table.  It was gaudy as the dickens, but I told him that it would look great in the garden if we could figure out the right spot for it.  He brought it home, but it took a while to find that spot... 

When we were starting to plan a dual graduation party for our son and his girlfriend, I asked if there was any way the chandelier could be turned upside-down and mounted like a light kit on the bottom of the fan.  Well, yes it could, but the gazebo would need to be raised a couple of inches to accommodate it.  Fortunately, that was easy to do since it had been built with the sleeved support legs (remember I told you that capability was going to be handy?)

On party day, which was very warm, the fan kept bugs and barbeque smoke away from guests under the gazebo, and it made a perfect conversation and dining spot!

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