Thursday, June 2, 2011

06/13/2006 - Inspiration

 1.    small building with view: a small, usually open-sided and slightly elevated building, situated in a spot that commands a pleasant view
 2.    sun canopy in garden: a lightweight freestanding open-sided canopy for use in a garden, usually as a sunshade
I saw this old-style large satellite dish turned into a gazebo when I was on a garden crawl in 2006.  When I got home I told my husband we REALLY wanted to have one in our yard, and he posted a "want" on Freecycle.  Within 2 days we had a dish that he took apart and stored in our shed.  Of course it was two years before we actually got our gazebo built, but it's a wonderful addition to our garden.  Every time I see a dish like this forlornly sitting unused on a roof or in someone's yard, I want to knock on their door and share the idea! 

This blog documents the construction of our recycled satellite-dish gazebo, and will hopefully provide inspiration to a few more people!

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