Thursday, June 2, 2011

08/11/2008 - Explanation

We built this framework in 1993, when our son was in high school.  He needed a rope-vault to practice pole-vaulting.  We built one in the back yard, and he used to climb up this scaffolding (which was much sturdier when it was new).  Holding onto a rope attached to another frame built of streetlight poles, he would launch himself off this platform, pull himself upside down and vertical while hanging from the rope, and land in a tarp-covered pile of old mattresses.

After he went to college and had "official" equipment to practice on, I planted a porcelain berry vine (ampelopsis brevipedunculata) at the base, and let it crawl up the scaffolding.  It was a favorite perch for one of our cats, who liked to hide among the leaves and sleep in the dappled shade.

I wanted the vine preserved, and I dreamed of having a nice sitting area that would take the place of this rickety scaffolding!

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